Canvas print

„Artiq“ prints photos, pictures and advertising on canvases of different patterns and features. We select canvas, which best suits the character of the picture.The printed canvas can be covered by a varnish or the gel simulating various techniques of the painting. Appreciating your time, „Artiq“ team will print and assemble you picture in one day. The canvas is stretched on a base frame and can additionally be enframed. Our managers will help to choose you the most suitable baguette from metal, wood or plastic, with carved gold and silver ornaments.

Photo paper print

Canvas print

„Artiq“ transfers large format images on special photographic paper (width up to 1,5m). „Artiq“ offers original interior solutions with use of photo wall-paper. With it’s help you can decorate the house the way you like.

Printing on a „Backlit“ film

„Artiq“ prints internal and the outdoor advertising on a light passing film „Backlit“. This technology also is used for illumination from the inside.


„Artiq“ designers will help you  creating a coziness in your house or office. Your ideas will be embodied in cozy atmosphere of a premise. Following elements of a decor can be offered to you: pictures, compositions from pictures, photo wall-paper, photojalousie etc. You can choose classical products, modern photos, abstraction or your own photos as an element of decor.
„Artiq“ designers will create a photomontage of your photo, giving it an effect of a highest quality journal shot or an artwork. Surprise your relatives and colleagues presenting them unique impressions and an especial gift.